Talks and Workshops

We sponsor talks and workshops which are given by speakers authorised by the Christian Science Board of Lectureship in Boston USA (part of our headquarters organisation). Speakers are drawn from many parts of the world and are all experienced healers. There is an open invitation to everyone to come to these free inspirational talks to hear the facts about Christian Science healing.

NEW:Listen again to the web lecture: Finding your immunity from disease

Our recent talk tackling today’s heightened concerns about our health security, Michelle Nanouche, practitioner of Christian Science healing and international speaker, presents the online talk, “Finding your immunity from disease,” .

Click here to watch the talk

The talk focuses on universal healing precepts found in the Holy Bible, especially in Christ Jesus’ life and teachings, showing how they are available for anyone to understand and experience through the lens of Christian Science.

“This talk shares a reassuring message: the prayer that reduces fear brings out one’s natural immunity to disease and heals the symptoms of disease,” says Nanouche.

Sharing examples of healing from her own life and professional practice of Christian Science, Nanouche explains why Christian Science is both Christian and scientific, meaning that people can prove its effectiveness for themselves, as fully described in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by the founder of the Christian Science movement, Mary Baker Eddy.

Nanouche also touches on the life of Mary Baker Eddy, a mid-nineteenth century woman from New England, who came to understand, confirm, and teach what she felt was original Christian healing. Eddy herself said she was especially inspired by Jesus’ demand, “He that believes on me, the works that I do will he do also; and greater works than these will he do, because I go unto my Father” (found in the Gospel of John 14:12 in the Bible).

For over 150 years, people around the world have worked to follow Christ Jesus in this practice of Christianity and continue to do so today, experiencing healings of physical ills and personal difficulties.

Michelle Nanouche has been a practitioner of Christian Science healing for many years, helping people on a daily basis through this scientific approach to prayer. Based in Paris, France, she speaks to audiences around the world as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Daily Lift

This is a free Monday to Friday audio series where Christian Science lecturers share brief inspirational thoughts for the day. Click to hear the daily Lift.

Weekly Events

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We would be happy to invite you to our online Sunday Service at 11am and our online Wednesday evening testimony meeting at 8pm. If you would like to join our virtual services on Zoom please email the following address ahead of these times to allow us to send you the link. Contact us at this address

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Sunday Service

Our Sunday service is held every Sunday at 11:00am in the church building. We have hymns, Bible readings, silent prayer and the Lord’s prayer. Then we have what is called the Lesson-Sermon – passages from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. These are read aloud by two Readers. The service is open to all comers and is designed to deliver an uplifting and healing message. Come to a Sunday Service to learn more about true spirituality

Watch a recording here of our Sunday Service from 9th June 2019.

Sunday services are reguarly live streamed by First Church of Christ, Scientist, High Wycombe click here to view them.

Wednesday Meeting

A meeting is held every Wednesday at 8:00pm in the church building. The proceedings begin with short readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures. The meeting is then opened for the sharing of healing experiences based on Christian Science practice.

The opening readings are often chosen to address issues of public concern.

Wednesday Workshop

Following the meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, we run a short workshop for enquirers where ideas and questions about Christian Science are shared and discussed.