Questions & answers about spirituality & healing

Can I heal myself and others?

Yes. The last chapter of Science and Health contains 100 pages of letters from people who have been healed by simply reading the book with an open mind. Healings are going on all the time and are shared weekly in Wednesday Church meetings, and in the weekly Christian Science Sentinel and monthly Christian Science Journal publications.

How are spirituality and healing related?

Most healing methods begin with the diagnosis of a problem - identifying and analysing physical symptoms and then prescribing a cure. Christian Science healing is different as it begins with the spiritual nature of the patient. Discovering what one’s own spirituality is enables healing to begin.

How do I heal?

Well, by praying. And that’s not pleading with God to make something or someone better, but it is an inspired affirmation of the truths taught in the Bible. It comes from understanding what God is and what your relationship to God is. To explore this subject, the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health, is all about how to heal through prayer. Its opening chapter is entitled Prayer.

If I’m sick do I ignore it?

Most definitely not. But it’s a question of how individuals respond - from a physical or spiritual standpoint.

Can I get help if it doesn’t work?

Yes, when sickness persists or we’re fearful or frightened by the symptoms, help is readily available. There are Christian Science practitioners all over the world who can offer their help. These individuals are experienced in Christian Science healing and devote their full time to helping the public through prayer. You can find a list of practitioners at

Why don’t you go to doctors?

Christian Scientists practise healing through prayer alone. But nobody is prevented from seeing a doctor if they choose to as that is their own decision. There is no rule that says you can’t see a doctor! Each individual is free to choose how best to work things out. We have tremendous respect for doctors and nurses. After all we are both in the healing business. In the case of children and notifiable diseases, we are always law abiding.