Kids & Youth

Sunday School

All young people up to the age of 20 are welcome. The School is 11am - 12 midday every Sunday at Watford Christian Science Church, 53 Cassiobury Drive, Watford. WD17 3AD.

Children of similar ages are grouped together in classes where they learn about God’s love and to follow Christ Jesus’ teachings.

Learning is based on the Bible and includes the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount and stories from the lives of Biblical characters.

Older students often like to bring questions and discuss issues relating to their daily lives. Referring to the weekly Bible Lessons set out in the Christian Science Quarterly, they find help, inspiration and spiritual solutions.

For very young children a nursery is provided where they can play in a safe, supervised and caring environment while their parents attend the church service.


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Youth Events

Easter Camp 2019

This annual camp is aimed at young people and families interested in exploring and sharing Christian Science. We aim to provide an environment in which people of all ages can share and explore Christian Science and learn from one another in a safe and supportive environment.

Easter Camp is a lovely opportunity to share spiritual ideas while having fun taking part in various exciting activities.

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Focus and Mini-Focus are international meetings for young people interested in Christian Science. Focus takes place every four years and last around 10 days, and Mini-Focus over a weekend every two years.

Focus events are about exploring Christian Science more fully with other like-minded people. They are a chance to ask questions and find answers through talks and discussion groups, led by experienced Christian Scientists.

Mini Focus 2019

Will take place 1st-3rd November 2019 for anyone interested in Christian Science, It is for people aged 16-40. For more information take a look at

Junior Focus 2019

Junior Focus is an exciting initiative which arranges for young Christian Science Sunday School Pupils (from 9 - 16 years) in the United Kingdom to travel as a group to a US-based Christian Science summer camp for two weeks during the summer holidays. Junior Focus will be back in