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Reading Room

The Reading Room is a great place to come and find out about Christian Science. We have a wide range of resources, both for sale and for study. Although our opening hours are limited if you contact us we can arrange a special opening or we can post much of our stock to you.

You would be most welcome to join us for a hot drink and Christian fellowship in the Reading Room after the Sunday service and for our monthly discussion group on the first Wednesday of every month after the Wednesday meeting at 9pm.

Watford Christian Science Reading Room
53 Cassiobury Drive, WATFORD, WD17 3AD

01923 229667

Opening Hours:

  • Wednesday evenings 7.45pm-8.00pm & 9.00pm-9.15pm (before and after the meeting)

  • Saturday 10.30am - 12.30pm

  • Sunday midday - 12.45pm

Treasures of the Reading Room

Members and friends share share some ideas from books, magazines and journals which have inspired them. Next installment coming soon.

The Bible Lesson

This practical resource for daily comfort, healing and inspiration consists of Bible verses brought together with insights from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Passages are selected to provide a basis for independent study of a weekly theme or lesson. This spiritual study guide can help you find insight and strength to find physical healing, handle challenging situations, make intelligent choices, and be a source of comfort throughout the week. Studied regularly, these lessons constitute a continuing home learning course in spiritual growth.

To listen to a Bible Lesson read aloud at a Sunday Church service please click here.

There are a variety of convenient, easy-to-follow formats for you to choose including:

my Bible Lesson

my Bible Lesson is a spiritual resource for youth and youthful thinkers. Bible notes, timelines, word definitions, and translations illuminate each week’s Lesson. All this helps you dive deeper into your spiritual study and find practical ways to apply what you’re learning to everyday life.

To read a sample of this week’s Lesson please click here.


The audio, video, in-context, and PDF formats make this a convenient, accessible online study resource available to take with you on the go. To learn more please click here.

Study Edition (full text), Audio CD, Audio Cassette

The Study Edition (full text) contains the entire text of the Lesson in an easy-to-read booklet. The two audio formats are good for listening to the full Bible Lesson at home or in a car.

Citation Edition

This edition contains the Bible Lesson citations (page and line references) to help you study each Lesson directly from the King James Version of the Bible and Science and Health.

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is a world-renowned international newspaper founded in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy. She wrote that, “The object of the Monitor is to injure no man, but to bless all mankind”. Its journalists - a number of whom are award winning - are spread over 50 countries and the Monitor is respected for its unbiased, objective and thought-provoking articles. It is often quoted on the BBC World Service and is read in over 140 countries.

The Monitor is published every weekday in the USA. There is also a weekly World Edition and a web based version as well.

For current Monitor articles, pod casts and slide shows please click here.

The Sentinel

The Christian Science Sentinel is a weekly publication with short articles highlighting the emerging spiritual trends. Also included are first hand accounts of healing which have resulted from prayer. To read selected articles please click here.

The Christian Science Sentinel Radio Edition is a weekly radio programme broadcast around the world. It includes insightful interviews and inspiring discussions on how God’s laws apply to current events and individual challenges today. To download editions please click here.

Radio programmes are also available on CD or cassette.

The Journal

The Christian Science Journal is a monthly publication with articles contributed by practising Christian Scientists from around the world, as well as the editors. Amongst the articles are testimonies of healing. There is also a listing of all the Churches, Societies, Reading Rooms and Organisations at universities and colleges in the world, along with names and contacts of Christian Science Practitioners. For further details please click here.

The Herald

The Herald of Christian Science is an international magazine with articles illustrating how prayer can solve problems. It is available in thirteen languages: Spanish, French, German and Portuguese are published monthly; Dutch, Italian, Swedish and Danish semi-annually; and Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Japanese and Indonesian annually, and each edition includes some articles in English. To read articles in these languages from the Herald please click here.